Our story

Founded in 2012 and based in Anaheim Hills, California, Structum is a cloud computing company working with organizations to help them implement scalable solutions for the cloud.

We launched iKnode at DEMO in 2012, a high performance serverless platform for microservices, to help companies develop for the cloud by removing the complexity around deployments and infrastructure management.

Our Name

Structum means ‘to construct [or build]’ in Latin. We create. This is what we do. All of our work is focused on creating, building and constructing useful technology.

Our mission

Our mission at Structum is to provide products and services for companies to make application delivery in the cloud more productive and enjoyable.

Meet our Leadership Team

Alex Espinoza

Alex leads Structum as its CEO and as the main architect of iKnode. An entrepreneur and a software engineer at heart, Alex is passionate about helping companies achieve their strategic goals through technology. He has extensive experience managing technology teams and helping companies use technology to streamline their strategic processes.

Sophie Muller

Sophie has managed companies for a decade and has helped such companies remain successful and focused. She brings a great deal of experience in financial and operational leadership. At Structum, she is responsible for keeping the company strong financially and profitable.